• The UTEL Studio facility is custom designed and comprises some of the finest studios in KZN, with built-in lighting grids (DMX controlled), totally sound-proofed, flat floor, fully air-conditioned and proper fireproofing. The two television studios are installed with cycloramas and have green screen options.  Details and photographs are available under the Studios pages.
  • Our friendly staff will custom design your recording and ease you into the process.
  • Directions to the facility may be found under the contact us page .  Should you need further directions or access to parking, contact Talisa on 0312608233 or


  • Avoid wearing any blue or green clothing as interferes with the chroma key software we use to insert backgrounds. We use the latest technology to place you within a virtual set, making your video stand out so please ensure that you DO NOT wear any clothing and/or accessories that is/has accents of green (in any shade) to avoid blending in with the virtual set.
  • Try and keep your presentation short (under 30 minutes) as the quality will be better and smaller files will transport better through the network making it easier for students to download.  Also, given short attention spans, your video has to be effective so students have easier way to learn remotely. A shorter video will assist students watch it through to the end.  If you have to do a long recording, try and break it up into shorter segments. Just inform us prior to the recording, and advise where you would like the video split.
  • Studio 2 is equipped with smart podium where you can display your presentations and is connected to the internet.  You will be able to annotate on the screen if required.  A document camera is also available.
  • Once edited, we will compress and transfer the video file (MP4 format) for approval using Moodle (below) or via WeTransfer where a link will be emailed and you can DOWNLOAD or SAVE the video to your computer and play it from there (avoid viewing it from the link).  This  link will expire after a short period and will no longer be available to you.
  • Once you have the video file you may distribute it as you please.

Slide Guide

  • If you plan to use a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation in your video, forward the file to Vish at least a day before the scheduled recording so we can check the format and screen sizes, and make any adjustments to save time.
  • Create your slide using a widescreen 16:9 format (This can be found under Design-Slide size).
  • Ensure that text and graphics are placed within the given text box guides to ensure it is not cut off at the edges when viewing the video on various devices.
  • You do not need to have the text box visible or use plain slides. Feel free to create and design as you please, but keep your content within these dimensions. The text should not go above the upper line of the title text box depicted above, or below the bottom line of the body text box.
  • PowerPoint or Keynote presentation software offer many design options that will place your text within the safety margins.
  • Ensure your slides comply with the UKZN CI manual which details how to use the logo and colours in your work. The template and further information can be found at this link
  • Do not feel hesitate to contact Shivona or Vish should you need further technical information.


  • For teaching videos produced by UTEL, that you would like to be made available on Learn22, let us know and send us details of your Learn22 course administrator. 
  • We will upload your video and add you as a co-publisher.  The video will be available on your MyMedia page where you can view it and advise if you would like any changes made.   If you are satisfied, you will be able to publish the video immediately to your course.  
  • Should you experience any difficulty or require assistance in this area, please contact Academic Computing (